Greg Brann

Greg Brann, multi-generational farmer, owns and operates Big Spring Farm. His operation consists of 675 acres in Allen County, Ky where he focuses on improving soils through diversity in plant and animal species as well as management techniques.  His cattle, sheep, and hogs are directed marketed in the Nashville/Bowling Green area.  He currently raises 400 sheep, 100 cattle, and 34 hogs. 

Greg received a BS degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of TN, Knoxville with special emphasis on animal science and landscape design. He worked as the State Grazing Land Soil Health Specialist for 23 of his 40-year tenure with NRCS. Greg is a featured speaker at many conferences and grazing schools around the country.

His private consulting practice, Synergistic Grazing Management, provides land management planning to farmers, ranchers, land preservation organizations, and public land managers.  Greg has served as the Technical Advisor to BEHAVE, Tennessee Forage and Grassland Council, and the American Sheep Industry. He has developed land management plans as varied as the 100,000 acres at Fort Campbell Military Base to diversified farms of 25 acres. Looking past symptoms to discover and resolve root issues, his plans provide practical ideas to help in reaching aspired goals. 

Greg hosts an annual “Pasture Walk” that brings together farmers, researchers, and ag and environmental specialists to maintain a space for difficult discussions and friendly conversations around synergistic land management.  The next pasture walk is October 16, 2020.