The Daviess County Soil & Water Conservation District was formed in 1941 to provide information about soil, water and related natural resource conservation; identify and prioritize local soil and water resource concerns; and connect land users to sources of educational, technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies.

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Location: 2526 East National Highway, Washington IN 47501

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 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Closed weekends and holidays 


Our Mission:

To provide educational, technical and financial assistance to all Daviess County residents in order to maintain a clean and wholesome environment in which to work and live.

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NCF -  Envirothon 

Envirothon is a competitive learning event for high school-aged students. Envirothon tests the student's knowledge of environmental resources including soils, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. For more information visit

How Envirothon works:
Teams of five students, representing a school or organization, compete by answering questions and by studying resource problems in each of the five environmental areas. Before the competition, students study, with their advisors, to develop a greater understanding the environment.
At the Envirothon competition, students test their knowledge under the supervision of environmental instructors. Students use teamwork to develop creative solutions to environmental problems.

Indiana's Regional Envirothon competitions begin in March.

 Southwest - Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Warrick County 4H Fairgrounds, Boonville IN

South Central - Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Seymour Ag & Farm Research, Seymour IN

For more information and links to Envirothon resources, visit:

The Daviess County SWCD will pay half of the $70 registration fee for each team in Daviess County (up to two teams per school) who would like to compete in the Regional Envirothon competition. The deadline to register for Regional Envirothon Competitions is February 23, 2020.

The Indiana State Envirothon Contest is April 29, 2020, at Beck Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN

2020 NCF-Envirothon Contest: July 26-August 1, 2020 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska


Presentations are also available for groups such as 4-H clubs, scout troops, civic groups and other organizations. Some topics include water quality, recycling, composting and backyard conservation. Please contact Education Coordinator at the SWCD office, 812-254-4780, ext.3243 to see if these or other topics can be adapted to your group's interests.

Classroom presentations are aligned with state educational standards and offered free for all schools in Daviess County. Materials for classroom activities and hand-outs are provided by the District, as well as additional lesson extensions for the teachers. Classroom presentations are available for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Listed below are the programs offered for the 2019-20 school year. Please feel free to contact me with feedback! My email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


6th Grade "Sum of the Parts": Students get to develop their own piece of riverfront 'property', demonstrating how they may contribute to and resolve pollution problems of the river. Individual actions, both positive and negative, add up! Program length: 45-50 minutes.


4th Grade – “Fourth Grade Farm Fair”: Due to ongoing public health concerns, the 2020 Farm Fair has been canceled.


 5th Grade – “Trash Talk”: Learn all about how a landfill works, and how recycling can help our landfill last longer. I'll use the Landfill Enviroscape model to show how a landfill works! Program length: 45 minutes.



 Kindergarten – “The Garbage Monster”: Listen to the story of Jo as she meets and tames the garbage monster at her house.  Students will learn what can be recycled locally during the ‘sorting it all out’ activity. Program length: 40 minutes.


2nd Grade – “Soil Pizza”: All of the ingredients on our favorite pizza can be traced back to the soil! Learn how soil is an important part of our daily lives. Program length: 45 minutes.


 5th Grade - “What is a Watershed?”: We will discuss types of water pollution and how we can help keep our watersheds healthy and our water clean. I will do a demonstration using a model watershed called the Enviroscape. Program length: 45 minutes.



4th Grade – “Wading Into Wetlands”: Learn about different types of wetlands. I will use a model to demonstrate some of the functions of wetlands. Program length: 40 minutes.


2nd Grade – “Fred the Fish”: An interactive demonstration on how pollution affects “Fred” and the river he lives in. Program length: 40 - 45 minutes.



 3rd Grade – “Dirt Discoveries”: We will learn about different soil types and what we can do to protect our soil. Students will also do a hands-on soil texture activity. (They may need to wash their hands after this!) Program length: 45 minutes.


1st Grade – “Splish Splash”: A short story about the adventures of a water drop going through the water cycle. We will make a “thunderstorm” in the classroom. Program length: 30 minutes.

The Daviess County SWCD provides education and outreach to both youth and adults through classroom presentations, workshops and field days. (Please select from the Education and Outreach menu on the left, or see the Site Map.)

Upcoming Events

Rain Barrel Sale 

The Daviess County SWCD and the City of Washington's Stormwater Department are offering 50-gallon rain barrels for sale. Barrels are $45.00 + IN sales tax for Daviess County residents, the price for residents of other counties is $65.00 + IN sales tax.  Contact the SWCD if you are interested in purchasing a rain barrel, or print out the order form and mail it with your payment.

Rain Barrel order form

Client Gateway

Farmers, ranchers and private forest landowners can now do business with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) through an online portal. With the launch of the Conservation Client Gateway, producers will have the ability to work with conservation planners online to access Farm Bill programs, request assistance, and track payments for their conservation activities. The Conservation Client Gateway is secure and is entirely voluntary, giving producers a choice between conducting business online or traveling to the USDA Service Center. To learn more, visit:

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Natural Resources...

...But didn't know who to ask! Whether you have owned your land for a lifetime, or are a new Indiana landowner, you may have questions when it comes to land use and conservation. This is a quick guide for who to call and where to look when you have questions about natural resources and conservation on your land in Indiana.

Indiana Conservation Answer Guide



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