The Daviess County Soil & Water Conservation District was formed in 1941 to provide information about soil, water and related natural resource conservation; identify and prioritize local soil and water resource concerns; and connect land users to sources of educational, technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies.

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Location: 2526 East National Highway, Washington IN 47501

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 Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Closed weekends and holidays 


Our Mission:

To provide educational, technical and financial assistance to all Daviess County residents in order to maintain a clean and wholesome environment in which to work and live.

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According to Title 7 of Code of Federal Regulation Part 12.5(b)(7) - The 1985 Food Security Act and its subsequent Amendments, program participants are responsible to provide any evidence they have that documents and describes past land use activities that may impact the wetland determination for purposes of the Food Security Act of 1985, as amended.

To help with the process of making the determination, please see the Wetland Determination Fact Sheet.


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SWCD Hosts 23rd Farm Fair        

The Daviess County SWCD hosted its 23rd annual Fourth Grade Farm Fair on September 6, 2019 at the 4H fairgrounds in Washington. This year we had another large group - 398 students were accompanied by 42 teachers and parents as they all moved through a series of 18 learning stations. Local and area experts taught the students about crops and livestock grown and raised here in Daviess County, as well as other topics such as ATV safety, beekeeping, forestry, and wildlife. Most of our dedicated volunteers have been a part of the Farm Fair for many years! Those attending the Farm Fair also enjoyed a special demonstration on dog obedience and agility, given by Andrea Bauer of A-1 K-9. She also volunteers with the local 4H dog club.

Each year, the Farm Fair relies on the hard work of many volunteers, and also the support from several organizations. This annual event would not be possible without them! The Daviess County SWCD would like to thank the following for their continued support of the Farm Fair: All of the presenters, Purdue Extension, Farm Bureau Inc., Prairie Farms, Hoefling Truck & Tractor, Washington Parks & Recreation Department, the City of Washington, Perdue Farms, GPC, Kenny Swartzentruber, supervisors and staff of the Daviess County SWCD, Warrick County SWCD, staff of the Daviess/Martin NRCS and FSA, and volunteers from our community. A big thank you to Steve Osha Photography for all the great photos!

See photos from the day in our photo gallery. Photo credits: Steve Osha Photography, SWCD staff & volunteers. 



Confined Feeding

Because of the nature of animal feeding operations, large quantities of manure are produced and stored in litter storage stacks, pits, lagoons and other storage devices. When stored and applied properly, this manure is a beneficial resource for farmers and the environment, adding nutrients to the soil and reducing the need for fuel and other natural resources required for the production of commercial fertilizer.

If handled improperly, manure can have detrimental effects on the surrounding soil and surface water. To protect water quality, federal and state rules require that all animal feeding operations be designed as zero discharge facilities. Facility design standards require farms to collect and land apply all manure and process wastewater in order to avoid discharging to waters of the state of Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) administers the permit program for Confined Feeding Operations, which are defined as any operation which meets one of the following.

  1. Confined feeding of at least:
    1. 300 cattle
    2. 600 swine or sheet
    3. 30,000 poultry 
  2. Animal feeding operation electing to be subject to the law; or
  3. Animal feeding operation that causes a violation of:
    1. Water pollution control laws
    2. Any rules of the water pollution control board

How the District can help

The Daviess County SWCD offers help to producers in understanding and complying with IDEM rules in order to protect land and water quality.

The SWCD can provide producers technical assistance to prepare their permit applications, assistance prior to inspections, permit approval renewals, waste storage, staging of solid manure, etc. The SWCD can also act as a liaison between the producer and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management if problems arise.

Applying for and maintaining a permit requires paperwork, from the application process to continuous recordkeeping. The SWCD works with producers to develop all facets of permitting paperwork and can assist in the organization of required recordkeeping. Services provided by the district include farmstead plans and plot maps, soil maps, manure management plans, and much more.

It is always better to be proactive with permits. The district encourages Daviess County producers to contact their SWCD with any doubts or questions that they may have about their permits, even if it is just to double-check that paperwork is in place.

Please feel free to contact the SWCD's Livestock & Conservation Technician, Ryan Harner, 812-254-4780 ext. 3244



Sample Farmstead Plan:


Upcoming Events

Rain Barrel Sale 

The Daviess County SWCD and the City of Washington's Stormwater Department are offering 50-gallon rain barrels for sale. Barrels are $45.00 + IN sales tax for Daviess County residents, the price for residents of other counties is $65.00 + IN sales tax.  Contact the SWCD if you are interested in purchasing a rain barrel, or print out the order form and mail it with your payment.

Rain Barrel order form

Client Gateway

Farmers, ranchers and private forest landowners can now do business with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) through an online portal. With the launch of the Conservation Client Gateway, producers will have the ability to work with conservation planners online to access Farm Bill programs, request assistance, and track payments for their conservation activities. The Conservation Client Gateway is secure and is entirely voluntary, giving producers a choice between conducting business online or traveling to the USDA Service Center. To learn more, visit:

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Natural Resources...

...But didn't know who to ask! Whether you have owned your land for a lifetime, or are a new Indiana landowner, you may have questions when it comes to land use and conservation. This is a quick guide for who to call and where to look when you have questions about natural resources and conservation on your land in Indiana.

Indiana Conservation Answer Guide



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