2019 Award Winners

 The 2019 River-Friendly F2019 RFFarmer award was presented to Kendall Cattle. Their use of conservation practices such as no-till, cover crops, and grassed waterways are examples of their committment to protecting Indiana's rivers, streams and lakes, and preserving the future of their land. Since the year 2000, this award has been presented by the Indiana Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) to 1,008 Indiana farmers.







The 2019 Conservation Farmer of the Year was presented to Rosedale Farms. This award, sponsored by Daviess County Farm Bureau Inc., is presented each year to a farmer or family farm making farm2019 FOTY stewardship a priority. Rosedale Farms has been using reduced tillage farming practices and incorporating a variety of cover crop mixes in their nearly 8,500 acre farming operation. Their efforts will help preserve soil and improve water quality for future generations.








This year's recipient of the John A. McCall Lifetime Conservation Award has been a long-time behind the scenes supporter of conservation and a familiar face at the Daviess County SWCD office for 33 years. Her efforts have made an impact on conservation across Daviess County, the state of Indiana and beyond. In her years of service, Toni Allison helped bring an education program and a Conservation Technician to the Daviess County SWCD, administered the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program for our watershed, helped write and administer numerous types of grants to help fund conservation practices across the county, and has helped organize events like the Southern Indiana Grazing Conference, which brings in producers from across the state and the U.S.

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